Thread: where to find good c programming tutorials?

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    where to find good c programming tutorials?

    i want to learn c please tell me some good online tutorials to learn c.i follow c tutorials on this site .

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    First, I'd d/l a handy graphic with the ascii tables on it, and then google C programming tutorials, and start off. You've read our FAQ through?

    I haven't seen any C tutorials on line, that a beginner couldn't learn from. What's best for one student, isn't best for another, so "best" is something you'd have to be the judge of.

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    I definitely agree - take a look at all the tutorials and see if one works for you. But most importantly, PRACTICE. You can't just read a C tutorial and expect to know C. Just like any class, you'll have to do a bit of work. Set some goals, write a few programs, and don't be afraid of errors. Don't ever be afraid of errors.

    As for my recommendation, you can't beat the classics: The C Programming Language ( C Programming Language (2nd Edition) (0076092003106): Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie: Books) is my favorite introduction and you'll learn more than just C syntax (although it is a bit dated...).

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    And if you are a newbie reading through K&R, it might be handy to do so with these extra notes by your side.

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