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    Question Finding the first digit in a

    Hey guys, just wanted to first off say thanks for all the help in the past.

    I was wondering how to go about finding the first digit from a number inputted into an array.

    Thank you for any help.

    enter the numbers to use:

    the numbers are 9 4 6 and 1

    Here is what I have, the array goes to a max of 15 for the moment, but I allow the user to input as large an array as they want up to that number. Then the user is to input it's numbers.
    #include <stdio.h>
    #define MAX 15
    int main()
    int array[MAX]; /*Array to place numbers in*/
    int num;        /*Amount of number to use in game*/
    int num1;       /*Number to be inputted for game*/
    int i, j, k;
      printf("How many numbers would you like to have?\n");
      scanf("%d", &num);
        for(i = 0; i < num ; i++){  /*Starts loop to input numbers into array*/
          scanf("%d", &num1);
          array[i] = num1;   
        for(k = 0; k < num; k++){  /*Loop prints the array*/
          printf("%d ", array[k]);
      return 0;

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    for the moment i have found it on this thread.
     while (num1 >= 10)
        num1 /= 10;
    would there be a better to go about this? Such as turning it to a string?

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    > Such as turning it to a string?
    How do you think the code turns a number into a decimal string to begin with?

    Yes, a loop consisting of /10 and %10.
    And some extra baggage as well.

    Add a check for negative numbers, and you're golden.
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    Such as turning it to a string?
    Yes, definitely... well, actually, forget about turning it into an integer. If all you're going to do is find the first digit, you might as well this:
    char mynumber[20];
    /*in loop*/
    scanf("%s", &mynumber);
    array[i] = (int) mynumber[0] - (int) '0');
    Obviously this is incomplete but the idea is there; also you'll want to protect against the evils of the scanf("%s") security hole, and look for the first actual digit [skipping '-' if it's there] in the string. "I'll leave that to the reader as an exercise."

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