Thread: Parallelize for-loop by MPI?

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    Parallelize for-loop by MPI?

    I am wondering how I can speed up the time-consuming computation in the loop of my code below using MPI?
         int main(int argc, char ** argv)   
         // some operations           
         // some operations         
         return 0;   
         void f(int size)   
         // some operations          
         int i;           
         double * array =  new double [size];           
         for (i = 0; i < size; i++) // how can I use MPI to speed up this loop to compute all elements in the array?   
         array[i] = complicated_computation(); // time comsuming computation. Elements are computed independently of each other.  
         // some operations using all elements in array           
         delete [] array;  
    As shown in the code, I want to do some operations before and after the part to be paralleled with MPI, but I don't know how to specify where the parallel part begins and ends.

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    I am not sure, but you can look for OpenMP

    OpenMP is for multi-processor systems support.

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