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    Red face beginner problem

    Okay guys, I've just started teaching myself C, right? Well, I've had a little experience with Ada, so I'm not *completely* new to programming, but I'm having a little problem with these two programs that I wrote, and it's the same problem, so it's either go to be a problem with the program I'm using to write/compile/link or a problem with the code.

    The problem I'm coming across is that the dos window doesn't stay active long enough to see if my program actually ran correctly. Once I execute it, it pops up, then disappears.

    First, I'm using Miracle C to write/compile/link.

    Second, maybe you can take a look at the code, see if anything is causing the window to do that there (though it doesn't look like it *frowns*)

    #include <stdio.h>

    int radius, area;

    printf( "Enter radius (i.e. 10): " );
    scanf( "%d", &radius );
    area = (int) (3.14159*radius*radius);
    printf("\n\nArea = %d\n", area );
    return 0;

    Any help out there?


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    gah, just figured it out

    Had to go into DOS for it to work. How embarrassing!

    Thank you for the link!
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    Or you can add this to your program "# include <conio.h>" and in you main function you could add "getch();" or "getchar();".
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    Just an alternative,

    If you have the .exe in windows, you can sometimes right-click on it and go to the 'program' tab and uncheck 'close on exit'. (This may be dependent on the version of Windows you are running)

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