Thread: Convert ASM to C Code

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    Convert ASM to C Code

    Basically I want to convert this into C.

    addi $s3, $0, 1
    add $t0, $s2, $s3
    lw $t1, 0($t0)
    add $t2, $s1, $t1
    lw $s4, 0($t2)

    ($s0 = A, $s1 = B, $s2 = C and so on..)
    This could be trivial but what I did was

    int C = 1;

    but for the second line since t0 are temp variables I decided to use an array.
    so I do

    int A[i] = C + D;

    is this correct?

    next would be

    int B[0] = 0;

    am I on the right track?

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    Did you try posting here ?

    Assembly Forum

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    My ppc assembler knowledge isn't all that good but I think the result is
    D = 1;
    E = (*(B + *(C+1)) & 0xFFFF0000) & 0xFFFF0000;
    Pseudo-code to verify I didn't mess up somewhere:
    D = 1
    temp0 = C+D
    temp1 = *(temp0) & 0xFFFF0000
    temp2 = B + temp1
    E = *(temp2) & 0xFFFF0000
    although I guess the bit mask could also be 0x0000FFFF depending on endianness, I'm not sure what the ppc uses.

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