Thread: adding up array column total

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    adding up array column total

    Hi There,

    I'm having problems adding up column totals using arrays. I've got it to add up the row totals and display at the end of the row.

    Here is my code so far

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    const int maxrows=10;
    const int maxcols=12;
    //const int maxchar=25;
    int num[maxrows][maxcols];
    int total,arraytotal;
    static char name[maxrows][maxcols];
    int dummyage;
    //static char name[maxrows][maxchar];
    static char dummy[maxcols];
    FILE *fp;   /*identify the file by pointer reference */
       int i=0;
       if((fp = fopen("sales10.txt","r"))==NULL)       /*open data file for reading */
          printf("error opening file\n");
             total =0;
             for(int j=0;j<maxcols;j++)
                total=total+num[i][j];         /*calculate row sums*/
             printf("%8d",total);             /*display row sums*/ 
    What i need it to do is, add up the columns and display it at the bottom of each column similar to how the row totals display

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    To track the column totals you're going to need an array that holds the total for each column as you go through the file processing rows. As you process each line in the file you add the column value you are at to the existing total in that column's position in this new array (this array should of course be initialized to 0). At the end of processing all the rows from the file your array should contain the totals for the individual columns and you can then display the values in this array.
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