Thread: quick memcpy question

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    quick memcpy question

    I have an array and also a buffer of char*

    I have memcpy from buffer into the array, is this ok or should i memcpy into another buffer of char* and free it when done?

    I dont have to free an array after a memcpy as not technically a pointer.

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    No problem. The only thing you need to worry about is if your array is big enough to hold all the data you're copying.
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    Grand cheers for that, just couldnt remember if it was ok or not. Size is grand as all taken care of!


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    The only thing to watch out for with memcpy() is to make sure that source and destination do NOT overlap.

    If they're two separate buffers, then it's not a problem.

    But if you're trying to move the tail of a buffer to the head (so you can add more data), then memcpy() is the wrong thing to use. Use memmove() in this case.
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