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    Detecting Keys

    I've read quite a few posts on detecting function keys using special libraries. Is it possible to read the hex value of the key intead of using a library?

    I basically want to end up with an if statement that accepts user input until <TAB>, or hex value 9, is pressed - at which point the program ends. I can't seem to capture the hex value correctly.


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    If your compiler has conio.h as a header, then you're in luck, as this program shows:

    kbhit   Checks for currently-available keystrokes.
       int kbhit(void);
     Prototype in:
    kbhit checks to see if a keystroke is currently available.
    Any available keystrokes can be retrieved with getch or getche.
     Return Value:
    If a keystroke is available, kbhit returns a nonzero integer; if not, it
    returns 0.
    kbhit works in DOS and Windows
     See Also:
      getch    getche
    #include <conio.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
     int main(void)
        int key1;
        cprintf("Press any key to continue:");
        while (!kbhit()) /* do nothing */ ;
        //getchar() (below) is standard C. getch() is part of the 
        //non-standard (but useful), conio.h
        key1 = getch();      //get a letter, w/o an enter key being needed
        //print the int that was pressed, as a letter
        printf("\r\nA key was pressed: %c", key1);
        //print the same int as it's ascii int value
        printf("\r\nA key was pressed: %d", key1);
        printf("\n\t\t\t     Press Enter When Ready ");
        key1 = getchar();   //pause the screen from closing
        return 0;
    If you don't have conio.h, then check out the cboard tutorial on it. There's a game in the thread at first, but keep going down the replies and you'll come to the virtual keys function that MS has set up for Windows.

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