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    Open first file in folder

    Hello, I am a total newbie at C programming and I am trying to make a program that renames every file in a directory. I want it to rename every file by deleting the first x amount of characters from each file name. So lets say, I input 3, and it will delete the first 3 characters from every file name in the directory. Is there a way to do this? I am currently stuck at being able to open a file without inputting a file name. I want it to just do it to every file in the directory, one by one until there are no more files to be renamed in that particular directory. Like I said, I am trying to use rename() but that requires the name of the file that is being renamed to be inputted (if that's even a word).

    Thank you =]

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    Check the FAQ (listed near the top of the page). It has an entry on directory reading.

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    The Boost Filesystem Library (Filesystem Home) is free (you may already have it installed; otherwise you can download it) and includes functions that will let you easily access the filenames in your program and has the advantage that your code will be portable to various platforms.

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    However, I note that Boost.Filesystem is a C++ library.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laserlight View Post
    However, I note that Boost.Filesystem is a C++ library.
    Wonderful. Please elaborate. That must be part of the "TR2" stuff which (for those of use who are not professional programmers) is a well-kept secret. For example, I tried
    using std::tr2::sys;
    in a sample program I found in the boost_filesystem online documentation, but got nowhere with that. I haven't found anything about it at or Would you please post any links to references for the Boost components that have been added to C++, including how to #include them and the correct namespace directives.

    PS: It doesn't seem to be part of GCC 4.2. I had to explicitly install the boost-dev and boost-filesystem-dev packages to access these libraries.

    PPS: I finally worked out that I could either use
    using namespace boost::filesystem;
    or use an alias as in
    fs = namespace boost::filesystem
    and then prefix each reference to a filesystem function with "fs::".

    PPPS: Sorry to be so dense about the C vs. C++ point.
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