Thread: need some noob help

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    need some noob help

    so I'm working on this project for school, but it's been a while since I've worked in C so I'm having some difficulties... any help would be appreciated.

    char** tokenize (char* str, char* delims, int* arsize){
    	char* strptr;
    	// set the strptr
    	// firstly ignore delims at start of string
    	while(is_delimiter(*strptr, delims)){
    int is_delimiter (char needle, char* haystack){
    		/* if(needle=*haystack)return 1; */
    		if(needle==*haystack++)return 1;
    	return 0;
    so what I wanted to do here is copy the pointer to str into a new char pointer; strptr. Compilation goes fine but on runtime I get a bad pointer exception. Seems like str (which holds a char pointer to the first char in the string) can't be copied to strptr (which is also a char*).

    What am I doing wrong please? I guess it's gotta have something to do with the small difference between a Cstring and a char*, but I can't seem to figure it out...

    thx in advance
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    I think what you want to do here is Google for strtok()....
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    Quote Originally Posted by klmdb View Post
    Seems like str (which holds a char pointer to the first char in the string) can't be copied to strptr (which is also a char*)
    Something in this statement is false -- if str is a char*, then there will be no problem with strptr=str. Show where str is first declared and the actual call to tokenize.

    There is nothing wrong with the code you posted, presuming that is_delimiter works the way you think it does, etc. If not, strptr could run off the end of str, causing your problem.
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    omg is_delimiter() was indeed the culprit. I feel silly...

    lets see if I can get this code to work now. Might be back with some more questions soon

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