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    stop read in newline

    hi all, i'm so mess up w/ this pro.
    suppose a data file File.dat:

    a b c d e
    f g

    how can i stop read those character when matching the newline?
    note: # of words must be counted

    my code:
    int main()
         char word;
         FILE *in;
         int i=0;
         while(fscanf(in, "%c", &word)!=EOF)
              printf("%c\n", word);
                printf("newline matched, stop reading file!\n");
          printf("%d words are read, bye\n", i);
        return 0;
    thanx for any help!!

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    %c is a single character, not a string.
    %s is a string.

    fgets() will read a string, including, but not past, the newline.

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