Thread: Infinite loop

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    Infinite loop

    I stumbled upon a problem while I was coding.

    void main()
    	int n;
    		printf("Write a number in interval [10,100]\n");
    	}while(n<10 || n>100);
    This works just fine when I enter a number, but when I enter a char for example "A", it just starts repeating "Write a number in interval [10,100]\n" infinitely. I tried to explain this to myself but I just couldn't come to a logical conclusion.

    In my opinion n should be initialized with 65 and program should leave the loop and end.

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    A isn't a number.
    The next time around the loop, A still isn't a number.
    The next time around the loop, A still isn't a number.
    The next time around the loop, A still isn't a number.

    Unless you do something to fix that, you're going nowhere.

    Try using fgets() to read a whole line, then using say sscanf to parse it.
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    When you enter "A", scanf fails and n is not assigned any value. That is why the loop goes forever. Check the return value of scanf() to see if 'n' was successfully given a value.
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