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    Question Use of EOF

    I am a newbie at C programming.

    In a C script which counts characters in a given input I used EOF to detect the end of input but it didn't work. the input keeps being displayed on the screen and no output is provided. Enter or Ctrl + C don't do!

    The script is as given below:

    #include <stdio.h>

    int nc;
    nc = 0;
    while (getchar() != EOF)
    printf("%d\n", nc);

    How am I going to make it detect the EOF? What is EOF exactly?
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    Post your program code in [code][/code] bbcode tags.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arjit
    How am I going to make it detect the EOF? What is EOF exactly?
    Read the FAQ on Definition of EOF and how to use it effectively.
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    If you want output aswell, add putchar(c) command into you while loop. Also, you'll need a variable for that.

    int c;
    while((c = getchar()) != EOF)
    EOF is declared in stdio.h to signal an end of file. I has an value of -1, since normal ascii characters have values 0-255 (extended set).

    This also answers a question why shouldnt you store characters from input to a character type variable - because of EOF. A char variable can contain values -128 till 127(not 255), thats why int is used.
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    EOF is ctrl + D on unix and ctrl + Z on windows

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks buddies! Specially 'Anarchy' for the real stuff I was looking for.

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