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    RSA encryption

    I am developing a program that uses the RSA encryption algorithm to encrypt user input. I currently read the user input into a character array and then run through the array and convert from a letter to a number. I then pad the rest of the array with random numbers. The part I am struggling with is using this array to create a number (all the array elements concatenated) which I will use in the encryption. Any suggestions? I think I could just right the numbers to a file (or maybe the command line) and then read the resulting number back in. This seems somewhat circuitous - is there a faster/easier way?

    I am still learning C so maybe I just need to know some special function. Has anyone developed and RSA program?

    On a side note, has anyone here done anything with elliptic curve cryptography?
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    Quote Originally Posted by waterborne View Post
    On a side note, has anyone here done anything with elliptic curve cryptography?
    NSA has, the general consensus in the community is that it doesn't increase the level of security versus modular arithmetic on a processing requirement basis, i.e. for a given number of OPS, modular methods give better security than elliptic curves by simply using a larger key size.

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