Thread: Simple Scanf question for beginner

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    Simple Scanf question for beginner

    So Im back to programming in C after a long Python hiatus, and boy is it a lil rough going from one to the other.

    anyways im taking in an input file that will always have 2 columns of numbers, something like this:

    2.31 32.1
    7.52 54.2
    21.12 1.2

    i want to scan in the first number as a variable X and the second as a variable Y then they will be added to a dynamic array blah blah blah, that all works.

    this is what I am doing and it causes a seg fault:
    a = fscanf(inputFile, "%f%*[\t]%f", X,Y);

    just doing fscanf(inputFile, "%f", X); worked nicely on getting the first number, but i want to get the second in the same line so I can turn it into a while loop.

    any help is appreciated greatly

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    If X and Y are floats then you should pass their addresses to fscanf, not their values.

    fscanf(inputfile, "%f %f", &X, &Y);

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