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    call function

    this funciton initialized as:

    void initCards(int *playerHand[], int *dealerHand[], int numOfCards)
    is it wrong if I call it this way?

    main() {
        int dealer[NUM_CARDS], player[NUM_CARDS];  // NUM_CARDS is defined as 21
        int *dealerHand = &dealer[0];
        int *playerHand = &player[0];
        numOfCards = numOfDecks * 52; // numOfDecks is found earlier in main and 
                                                           // it's 2 in this case
        initCards(&playerHand, &dealerHand, numOfCards);

    I'm getting a bus error right when this function is called. What is wrong? I debugged it with printf statements and right at the function call it returns a bus error.
    in initCards() I have the first line being a printf statement and that's not showing... so the bus error come before anything inside iniCards() is done.

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    segmentation fault
    "int *playerHand[]" refers to an array of pointers. Niether int *playerhand nor &playerhand is that.

    I would recommend you change the prototype to:
    void initCards(int *playerHand, int *dealerHand, int numOfCards)
    That could be a pointer to an int array. An array name is a pointer to it, so you can now forget about playerHand and dealerHand in main() and just pass this:
    initCards(player, dealer, numOfCards);
    "playerHand" and "dealerHand" inside initCards will refer to the arrays correctly. Simple!
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    Just for reference:
    &dealerHand is int** (pointer to pointer).
    &dealer is int*[] (pointer to array).

    Also remember that you can simply use the array name wherever you see fit to attain a pointer to the first element of the array for free. You don't have to do it as a separate step.
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