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    Question Something like a game

    I've got an assignment to make a word association game.
    It should look like this: 5 main items that are the final solutions for 5 games, 4 sub items that describe each of the main items and 3 different associations for each of this 4 sub items.

    a) association1 a) association1 a) association1 a) association1
    b) association2 b) association2 b) association2 b) association2
    c) association3 c) association3 c) association3 c) association3
    sub item 1 sub item 2 sub item 3 sub item 4
    main item

    I was thinking to make a structure items, which would contain an array with the names of sub items and an array with all associations for those items. Like this:
    MAX is defined constant

    struct items
         char subitems[4][MAX], item_name[MAX], association[5][MAX];
         struct items item[5];
    If anybody has an idea that would be more appropriate, please comment. My main problem are the associations, because I have to separate 3 of them for each sub item.
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    I would have the association items kept by index numbers or pointers. So you'd have:

    Main Items  assoc.1 idx or ptr, assoc.2 idx or ptr, assoc.3.idx or ptr
    Have the associated word in a separate char word[idx][] array or string literal
    You can probably do it as you suggested, but work to avoid having multiple copies of each of the associated words. Use either pointers or index numbers, instead.

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