Hi all,

first I'm sorry my bad english.
I have two problems:

1- I need a array of different struct. I need it because I use the method offsetof so I need the struct and this struct I know just in execute mode. Then I receive a message id and e get the struct by the id in the array.
Is there someone who can answer me?

2- I need to fill a struct data with a pointer. One field in my struct is a union, so in the same field is possible to have many differents structs. Then to avoid a big switch I will do it. So I need a way to complete this structure based in some pointer. I thought something like it, but it is wrong:
    test_t *p;
    test_t test;
    p = &test;
    pos = offsetof(test_t, code);
    p = p + pos;
Could you help me?
Thanks a lot