Thread: what the comparison does?

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    what the comparison does?

    void func(int * p) { 
    printf("%s\n", p < (int*)(&p) ? "GREAT" : "LESS"); 
    how the address are compared?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpp
    how the address are compared?
    As pointers to int, I suppose. In what context did you see this code, or did you just come up with it yourself?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pelicanpie View Post
    &p is the address of the variable p which happens to the store the address of where the int is stored
    Which in this case is the address of the local variable created for this function, to which p is assigned inside this function call:
    void func( int *p )
        printf( "%p, %p\n", (void*) p, (void*) &p );
    int main( void )
        int x;
        int *p = &x;
        printf( "%p, %p\n", (void*) p, (void*) &p );
        func( p );
        return 0;

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