Thread: Scanning characters & strings

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    Scanning characters & strings

    I'm trying to scan a line. This line will sometimes contain 1 char. or sometimes it will contain 1 char followed by a string.

    printf("\nEnter text now");
    scanf("%c", &char1);
    scanf("%s", %string1);

    this works if i enter both values such as 'c filename' but if i enter just 'c' it crashes.

    i don't really understand how i would go about checking if both are entered or not.

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    scanf returns the number of elements it's scanned in, so just do something like
    if (scanf("%c %s", &char1, string)) == 2)
    // both scanned
    // either only 1 scanned or 0 scanned...
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    And do switch your scanf() to fgets() for the sake stability!
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