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    integer to pointer without cast[Solved]

    int criar_contacto()
    	char name[33], bday[11];
    	int cell_phone;
    	printf("Introduza o Nome do contacto:\n");
    	get_string(name, 33);
    	printf("%s", name); // This is just for test purpose
    	return 1;
    void get_string(char *string_to_get, size_t string_size)
    	int i;
    	fgets(*string_to_get, string_size, stdin);
    	for(i=0; i<string_size; i++)
    So the first obvious problem here is in "get_string", Eclipse(A linux C SDK) is telling me that "passing argument 1 of ‘fgets’ makes pointer from integer without a cast".

    I've got no idea of what it means, I've googled it though, found many things about it but I didn't managed to figure it out by myself.

    The code compiles flawlessly, but when I use criar_contacto() which calls get_string() my app just terminates. My main() is just a switch case to create a menu where each case calls a fuction.

    My get_string is suposed to get a string with fgets and then cut the "\n" from it, so I don't always have to write the loop to have it done.

    I'm trying to make a "notebook for cell phone numbers" (I'm portuguese so I guess that's not what you guys call it, but i hope you get it).

    Thanks in advance,

    Hugo Ribeira
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    You want:
    	fgets(string_to_get, string_size, stdin);
    The error is because you are passing the first char in string_to_get instead of the whole string. Char is an integer type, the string is a pointer type. Ergo conversion from integer to pointer without a cast.
    It is too clear and so it is hard to see.
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    It works now, but I don't understand why.

    what goes in that argument is name[], right? which acts as a pointer, so shouldn't I call the argument type a pointer as well?

    EDIT: Understood, thank you.
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    What goes in that argument is a pointer to a string - not a char pointer to a pointer to a string.

    Use string_to_get, just like you would use name.
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