Thread: why i getting different outputs?

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    why i getting different outputs?

    Hi any one can explain me ,why i getting these outputs?

    struct s
    int data;
    struct s s1; 
    int main()
    printf("%u \n",s1);
    printf("%u \n",&s1);
    return 0;
    i thinking s1 return also address .but both outputs are not same.

    please give explanation on above outputs

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    s1 is a not an address. It's a variable of type "struct s". &s is an address.
    Note: To print addresses use %p. eg.
    int i=9;
    printf("%p",(void *)&i);

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    Quote Originally Posted by nkrao123@gmail. View Post
    please give explanation on above outputs
    Why don't you say what the output was, and what you were expecting?

    The first one probably gives you the value of, altho that is not the proper way to ask for it. is uninitialized, so it may be anything (I think in this case the compiler may set it to zero).

    The second one is the address of s1, altho addresses are usually understood as hexidecimal values, as BEN10 indicates.
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