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    #define and structs

    I'm working on an enigma machine simulator. I'd supposed to do a #define for each one of the rotors and reflectors. How do you do a #define for a char string? I have the program partially functional without using #define, so I'd like there to be as little changes as possible after using #define.

    char B_ref_rotor[27] = "YRUHQSLDPXNGOKMIEBFZCWVJAT";
    char C_ref_rotor[27] = "FVPJIAOYEDRZXWGCTKUQSBNMHL";
    /* rotors */
    char rotor[5][27] = { 
    After I get that figured out, I need to use structs and typedefs for whenever I want to access the rotor strings. I think it will be something like the following, but I'm not exactly sure.

    struct rotors {
    	char rotor[5][27];
    typedef struct rotors Rotor;
    Thanks everyone.

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    Why do you think you need a #define? Do you want:
    #define FOO "thisisastringthatwillbewhereveryouuseFOO"
    Or what?

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