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    Multi-thread server

    Hey there everyone,

    I am currently working on a server program. Opens a port..listens for any requests from the client and then I have my N number of Threads pick up the tasks as they come in. I have implemented different policies for how the requests are handles(FIFO, SFF, etc) Now I want to get statistics about how my server does the work. Specifically,

    I want to keep statistics on individual threads as they do work.

    1. Count how many times the specific thread did a task

    2 threads
    8 requests
    how many times did thread 1 do work and how many times did thread 2 do work.

    2. Count how many times the specific thread handled a "static" request.
    3. Count how many times the specific thread handled a "dynamic" request.

    I have created a structure with many attributes on the request itself, but I can't seem to figure out how to keep a counter going unless I can some how keep track on each thread structure, but I don't know how to go about doing that. Any help is appreciated thank you!

    Is this a good enough explanation?

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    Are you wanting your overall "main" thread to keep these stats? For instance, you kick off your main thread, and a request comes in. You create your first "worker" thread and hand that request to it. Another new request comes in, and you create worker-thread #2 and pass that request.

    If so, when each worker thread ends, (or goes back to the thread pool for later reuse), you could have it update the main task's control structure, allocated to it, for keeping stats.

    Make sense?
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