Thread: case insensitive strstr?

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    case insensitive strstr?

    Is there an case insensitive strstr?
    because there are strcmp <-> stricmp, but no stristr...
    I know I could first make copies of the two strings, both to lower or upper case, but that's not really memory friendly...

    Any suggestions?


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    of course, just write your own.

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    theres not really a 'best' way to do this.. that is probably why stristr(..) is not ansi.. you could convert the strings to all one case.. or you could compare the ascii values on the strings.. the first option will be more expensive to memory and the second will use the CPU more.. either way would work.. unless you are searching a hugeass string i would use the first one..

    im sure there are X number of other ways to do this too...

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