Thread: need help comparing strings

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    need help comparing strings

    I need methods or some say to check

    a) if two strings of equal length have all but one character in common, that is in the same position in both words.
    example, pale and pane, or cat and can.

    b) if a string is the same as another string except with one additonal letter(anywhere within the string)
    example, paste and past, or cart and carat
    so all the letters in common must be in the same order in both words, but the extra letter in the longer string can be anywhere

    not sure if strcmp or something could work with this.

    this is being done in a unix environment with the gcc compiler, if that matters

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    Dude! you need to roll your own because the likes of strcmp() ain't gonna cut it.

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    So get on it, and tell us when you're stuck. We're not here to do everything for you.

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