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    Programming Assignment?

    Hey guys..I'm an electrical engineering student and for one of our assignments we're required to create a program to communicate to one of our microcontrollers..I'm not even sure if the program needs to be written in C (as I'm not too familiar with coding)

    Could you guys possibly direct me towards some helpful resources?

    Here's what my assignment looks like

    5. DI + PWM
    Write a program that outputs a 75% duty cycle waveform at 1kHz on a PWM pin when a digital input is high, and 25% duty cycle when the input is low.

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    There must be more information than that.

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    PWM is just a loop. In your case, a 4-steps loop will do. For 75%, output high for 3 steps, and low for 1, etc. Make sure each iteration of the loop takes 0.25ms (since you want a wave with a period of 1ms).

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    Probably you will be using assembly. Google nigel's tutorial. It is kind of a good tutorial tough. By the way, if your microcontroller is 32bit, then probably you will be using C.

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