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    Need Help Fast!!!!!!

    Ok i have a binary search tree. In each node there is a space for a char *word. it is a pointer to dynamically allocated storage. Now in one function i extract a word from a sentence and store in allocated storage. then i try to pass that value into a function so i can copy it into a node in the tree. How do i pass that value in the funtion call. Right now my prototype look like
    functionname(char word[], bst t)
    im thinking that the char word is not right because it is allocated storage. what do i do? i hope i was clear about my problem.

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    Assuming that char word[] in the function call is different from the char *word in your node, it doesn't matter how you handle the word that you pass to the function since you aren't assigning to it or modifying it, you're just copying it. Once you extract the word from the file or input, you can copy it to the node easily. Just be sure that you hafve space allocated in the node for the word you plan to copy.

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