Thread: Extracting data out from txt file seperated by ";"

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    Extracting data out from txt file seperated by ";"

    Hi ,

    i am having this problem of extracting data out from txt file being seperated by ;.


    How is your day?;Fine
    Where are you now?;At your house

    My code is as follow:

    char *ques[20];
    char *ans[20];
    int i=0;
    FILE *fp;
    fp=fopen("qna.txt", "r");
    if ( fp == 0 )
    printf( "Could not open file\n" );
    while(fgets(fileInput, sizeof fileInput, fp))   
    if(sscanf(fileInput, "%s,%s", &ques[i], &ans[i]) == 2)
    fclose( fp );

    The difficulties i faced was that i am not able to successfully extract the data out from the text file and stored it into both que[] and ans[].

    Errors keep coming out from the "%s,%s". And i guess i might have key in the wrong placeholders..

    Anyone can help ? Thanks in advance...

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    Well, you might try "%s;%s" instead of "%s,%s"

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