Thread: Calling exit()... without exiting

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    Calling exit()... without exiting

    I want to call exit() without exiting. I want to do this because I'm using a library (GTK) that uses exit() to clean up (I imagine it uses it in conjunction with atexit()), but I don't want to exit the program yet, I just want to have GTK clean up.


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    Perhaps there is another function to clean up?
    Rebuild GTK and have it clean up differently?

    exit() exits - that's what it does.
    What about exit() makes GTK clean up? If it is the action of ending the process then you will have to find some way to either fool it or fix and rebuild it. If it is attached to the exit() function then you could try to attach it to a different function.

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    What I mean when I say "clean up" is that GTK deallocates what it's allocated in order to run. The problem is that I still want to continue running the program, just not the gui.

    In any case, I realized that this was a bad idea as it leaves a lot of garbage pointers hanging around. I've decided that letting GTK clean up by the exiting of the program is the best way to go.

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    Perhaps you could thread off the GTK piece of your app and wait in your primary thread while it runs.
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