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    C to y86

    I don't know if this is the correct place to post this, but here goes...

    I am trying to get this program:
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main() {
    	int A[4]={1,2,3,4};
    	int B[4]={4,3,2,1};
    	int dot;
    	printf("%d", dot);
    to y86. This is what I have:

    	.pos 0
    	.string	"%d\n"
    .globl main
    	.type	main, @function
    	pushl	%ebp
    	rrmovl	%esp, %ebp
    	andl	$-16, %esp
    	pushl	%ebx
    	subl	$76, %esp
    	irmovl	$1, 44(%esp)
    	irmovl	$2, 48(%esp)
    	irmovl	$3, 52(%esp)
    	irmovl	$4, 56(%esp)
    	irmovl	$4, 28(%esp)
    	irmovl	$3, 32(%esp)
    	irmovl	$2, 36(%esp)
    	irmovl	$1, 40(%esp)
    	mrmovl	44(%esp), %edx
    	mrmovl	28(%esp), %eax
    	imull	%eax, %edx
    	mrmovl	48(%esp), %ecx
    	mrmovl	32(%esp), %eax
    	imull	%ecx, %eax
    	leal	(%edx,%eax), %ebx
    	mrmovl	56(%esp), %edx
    	mrmovl	40(%esp), %eax
    	imull	%eax, %edx
    	mrmovl	52(%esp), %ecx
    	mrmovl	36(%esp), %eax
    	imull	%ecx, %eax
    	leal	(%edx,%eax), %eax
    	leal	(%ebx,%eax), %eax
    	rmmovl	%eax, 60(%esp)
    	irmovl	$.LC0, %eax
    	mrmovl	60(%esp), %edx
    	rmmovl	%edx, 4(%esp)
    	rmmovl	%eax, (%esp)
    	call	printf
    	addl	$76, %esp
    	popl	%ebx
    	rrmovl	%ebp, %esp
    	popl	%ebp
    	.pos 0x100
    But I am getting missing colon errors on my simulator. There aren't colons in y86 other than the loops, any suggestions?

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    It looks like you just took the output of gcc -S and modified some instruction names. Have you verified that this is valid input to the assembler you're using?

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    I haven't, but I followed step by step instructions using the assembler.

    I just learned that leal and imull aren't commands, so it'll give me that error. However, I don't know how to convert the x86 commands leal and imull to y86. My book is terrible.

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    You have to look up what they do and find alternate commands for them. There are plenty of references to both languages on the net.
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