Thread: need some help to upgrade a mini game in C

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    need some help to upgrade a mini game in C


    Well, since I started learning C the other day, I thought it was pretty cool... I went through a few things, and just learned about loops. (*EDIT: Forgot to mention the language... it's C )

    So, this post is to ask if you cuold shed me some light, without giving me the code right away, you see my little game below; I want to upgrade it.

    If you can give me a well detailed picture, I would appreciate since I need to learn, so neither a direct asnwer or formula would do.

    I want:

    1) The program to count the number of times the user tried a number before finding the random one.
    printf("Contrats, after % number of times, you found it", variable)

    2) I want the program to ask if the user want to try another game, using booleen (always true, false = endgame)

    and 3rd) I want it to be a 2 players game, someone enters the "random" number, and the other person tries to find it... BUT! We MUST be able to choose wether its gonna be a 1 player (random generated number) or 2 players.

    I need some help from you coders :shock2:

    Less or More Mini-game-------------
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <time.h>
    int main ( int argc, char** argv )
        int guessNumber = 0, inputNumber = 0;
        const int MAX = 100, MIN = 1;
        // Generating the random number
        guessNumber = (rand() % (MAX - MIN + 1)) + MIN;
        /* Loop of the program. It repeats until the user finds the guessNumber
            // It asks for the number
            printf("What is the number ? ");
            scanf("%d", &inputNumber);
            // We compare the input number with the guessNumber
            if (guessNumber > inputNumber)
                printf("It's more !\n\n");
            else if (guessNumber < inputNumber)
                printf("It's less !\n\n");
                printf ("Congrats, you found the mysterious number !!!\n\n");
        } while (inputNumber != guessNumber);

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    So before you generate the random number, ask the player if it should be a two person game, or a one person game.

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    I'd like to know some more

    How do I add the count thing ?

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