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    C Headerfile problems

    I am trying to run a programm which asks arithmatic questions. I am getting an error "declaration terminated incorrectly" in the header file; here are the codes; Please let me know if you can find the prob. Thanxxxx

    * File: RandDef.h
    * Header file for RandDef.c, source file of definitions of
    * random number generating functions

    #ifndef RANDOM
    #define RANDOM

    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <time.h>

    void SeedRand(void);
    float random_float(void);
    float random_float_range(float LowerBound, float UpperBound);

    int random(int UpperBound); (THIS IS WHERE IT SAYS INCORRECT DECLARATION) ?????????

    int random_range(int LowerBound, int UpperBound);


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    I think random() is already defined in stdlib.h, try changing it's name.

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