Thread: problem with getting correct string length

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    problem with getting correct string length

    I am having some trouble getting my program to make arrays of the right length. Our assignment is to make functions called "category1", "category2" and so on, all of which analyzes a char array and determines if the passed char array is in the specific category.
    The "category" that I am having trouble with determines if the first third of the char array appears elsewhere in the whole array. Here's my code so far.

    int Category4 (char s1[])
       int ndx, ndx2;
       char comp[strlen(s1)/3];
       for (ndx = 0; ndx < strlen(comp); ndx++) {
          comp[ndx] = s1[ndx];
       for (ndx = strlen(comp); ndx < strlen(s1); ndx++) {
          if (s1[ndx] == comp[0]) {
             for (ndx2 = 0; ndx2 < strlen(comp); ndx2++) {
                if (comp[ndx2] != s1[ndx+ndx2]) {
                if (ndx2 == strlen(comp)) {
                   printf("%s is in category 4.\n", s1);
                   return 1;
       return 0;
    I pass a 6 character string each time, and the length that I get for the array I created in the function (comp) comes out to 5. Does anyone know why this is happening?

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    You can't use string functions if you aren't actually dealing with strings. You have to have a null character on the end of each for it to be considered a string. Say you pass an array of six characters, and it's really a string, so it's actually got seven characters total, just for the sake of argument:
    void foo( char bar[] )
        char baz[ strlen(  bar ) = 6, 6 / 3 = 2, baz = 2 ];
        ... now assume you actually make 'baz' a string ...
        ... that leaves you 1 usable character ...
        for( x = 0; x < strlen baz = 1; x++ )
            ... whatever you're doing here is only going to happen to 1 character, so you don't need a loop ...
    Start looking at that, and see if that's really what you had in mind.

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