Thread: Help with scanf and strings

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    Help with scanf and strings

    Im currently in the process of making a programme that will read an input and then tell the user how many vowels the string has in it.
    I have got it working 100% with gets code but i dont want to use that code, i want to use a scanf to get the user to input a string.

    Below is the code i currently have:
    { char str[100];
      printf("Please type a line of text:\n");
    The code works perfectly with one word, but as you all most probably know scanf reads up to the first space, so when i put in something like, hello hello hello, it comes up saying 2 vowels have been found 3 times. Obviously i dont want this i want it to say 6 vowels have been found.

    Is there anyway i can make the scanf read past the spaces?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

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    scanf is not capable of receiving multi-word strings. To make it receive multi-word strings you can use it like this:
    scanf("%[^\n]s",str); //will keep receiving chars until a \n is encountered.
    But it'll be always be better to use fgets to read a string.

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    thanks very much

    and yeah i know, just get use to the amount of different ways you can do things, and how certain ways make it ALOT more painful that others lol

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