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    SRF02 ultrasonic sensor

    Hello guys. I'm having a difficult time trying to figure out how to display SRF02 ultrasonic sensor values in inches. Does anyone have a solution?
    This is what I have written:

    int frontSensor;
    int leftSensor;

    frontSensor = getUltrasonicSensorReading();
    printf("$Ultrasonic:%3i inches ", frontSensor);
    leftSensor = readADC_PORTA_Wire(0);
    printf(" $Ultrasonic:%3i\n", leftSensor);

    frontSensor = (leftSensor - 176.67)/(-14.714);

    fprintf(&cpu1Out, "CPU1: $Ultrasonic:%3i inches, left sensor = %3i\n", frontSensor, leftSensor);
    printf("Hercules:$Ultrasonic:%3i inches, left sensor = %3i\n", frontSensor, leftSensor);
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    What's the problem, specifically?

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