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    Why can't I add anything to either keylist or locklist?Here's my code,

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <malloc.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #include "key.h"
    #include "lock.h"
    #include "list.h"
    /*Function prototypes*/
    int main(void)
     FILE * input = fopen("keys.txt" , "r");
     FILE * input = fopen("locks.txt" , "r");
     Key * inKey;
     Key * outKey;
     Lock * inLock;
     Lock * outLock;
     List * keyList = lst_new();
     List * lockList = lst_new();
     int numberofKeys;
     int i;
     fscanf(input, "d\n", &numberofKeys);
     for(i = 0; i < numberofKeys;  i++)
        inKey = ky_read(input);
        lst_add(keyList, inKey);
     printf("No. of keys addded to list = %d\n\n", lst_size(keyList));
     for(outKey = (Key*)lst_first(keyList);
    					       outKey != NULL;
    							    outKey = (Key *)lst_next(keyList))
      printf("%d %s\n" , ky_getId(outKey), ky_getCode(outKey));
     int numberofLocks;
     int i;
     fscanf(input, "d\n", &numberofLocks);
     for(i = 0; i < numberofLocks;  i++)
        inLock = lc_read(input);
        lst_add(lockList, inLock);
     printf("No. of locks addded to list = %d\n\n", lst_size(lockList));
     for(outLock = (Lock*)lst_first(lockList);
    					       outLock != NULL;
    							    outLock = (Lock *)lst_next(lockList))
     printf("%d %s\n" , lc_getId(outLock), lc_getCode(outLock));

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    Are we just supposed to guess about what all those functions really do? Ok, if I must...

    I guess that you need a pointer to a pointer, and not just a pointer.

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    Obviously the problem is inside lst_add or lst_first etc. Unit testing would have picked that up.
    We can't help you without seeing the code for it.
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