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    Binary Tree help

    Hi, im currently trying to create a game whereby questions and are put into a binary tree, after a few branches of the tree the final leaf will be an object name (such as a cat). for the moment im just trying to create a binary tree populated with hard-coded questions and objects with a print statement just printing all of the elements in the tree in order to prove that the tree is correct, then i will move onto more difficult things such as getting the user to input the questions and objects.

    so basically im having a lot of difficulty correctly creating the binary tree so any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. my code so far is below.

    #include <stdio.h>
            typedef struct node {
        char object[200];
        char question[200];
        struct node *left;
        struct node *right;
    void insert(treenode **root,char question[]);  
    int main(void)
        treenode* root=NULL;
        insert(&root,("Does it have a tail"));
        insert(&root->right,("Is it edible"));
        insert(&root->left,("is it fluffy"));
            printf("%d \n ",root);
            printf("%d \n ",root->right);
            printf("&d \n ", root->left);
    return 0;
     void insert(treenode **root, char question[]){
      treenode *newnode;

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    Hint: why are you ignoring the "root" parameter inside your insert() function?

    You'll also want to use consistent indentation. Even for a program this short your arbitrary (as far as I can tell) indentation makes it difficult to read.

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