Thread: read unknown integers from text file

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    read unknown integers from text file

    i have made a small encyption program nothing fancy really. it turns the letters into 6-9 digit long number seperating each with a \n

    i now need to read in each numbers so i can reverse the calculation for the decyrpt but cant seem to work out how to read the number from the text file "output.txt" and store ir as an int so i can preform calculation on it.

    i need to do this in c NOT C++ AND NOT C#

    if anyone can help id really appriciate it. i tryed using fgetc and concatonating the chars togethers and atio them but coudnt get it to work.

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    try the code below
    	FILE* fin = fopen("d:\\a.txt","r");
    	long ld = 0;
    	while(fscanf(fin,"%ld\n",&ld) == 1)
    	return EXIT_SUCCESS;

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    At some point, aren't you going to be hexed by the encryption program giving you "numbers" that are preceded by zero's, like: "003569"?

    How are you going to handle it in your program?

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