Thread: I need help with this project plz

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    I need help with this project plz

    Your college is considering the implementation of a new parking system which allows staff and students to park their vehicles on campus. Each person will be issued with an electronic card that will have to be used to access the parking garage. This system should allow all persons issued with a card to park only one vehicle at any point in time in the garage. Students will only be allowed to add one vehicle to their card and staff will be allowed to add up to three vehicles on their card at any point in time; but regardless of the person been staff or student they can only park one vehicle at a time. Staff and students will be allowed to park for a maximum of 24 hours at a time, anyone parking for longer than this must pay a fee of $20 per hour. Visitors to the campus are issued with a 3 hour parking pass and must pay a fee of $50 per hour for all times in excess of that up to a maximum of 10 hours. The college has asked you to design the operations of this system according to the requirements below:

    (i) Provide a menu which allows for the operator to decide which of the following options should be carried out: Issue Card, Add Vehicle to Card, Change Vehicle on Card, Pay Fine. After each option is carried out, the user should be taken back to the main menu, where they can carry out as many options as they wish until they exit the system.
    (ii) The cards for student and staff are issued upon request. Card for visitors are issued upon entry to the campus.
    (iii) No-one is allowed more than one cared. Upon issue of a card the following information is stored on the person issued to: ID#, first and last name and type.

    Please note that the system should use error-messaging to display all validation and other errors.

    Is it possible for it be written in Pseudocode and if so show me plz

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    With only reading the last line in your post:

    Yes of course its possible. And how about you show your attempt that you must have made. If you havent made any attempt, then go do so and come back with something we can work with. That is, let us know what problems you run into or what specific part of this "assignment specification" you dont understand.

    Since its pseudocode, you really dont need any programming experience, so please dont use that as an excuse. Take whats required, and basically rewrite it, with much finer details, in a logically structured way.

    I dont know how to build and work a time machine, but I imagine some basic pseudocode to do so would be:
    - Gather parts
    - Design/build it
    - Turn it on
    - Enter time machine
    - Enter destination year
    - Press button

    Similarly for your project, I dont know anything about it (and you may or may not either), but start with some basic stuff.

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