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    Initializing arrays

    I have a question. If:

    char s[]="abc";
    works, why doesn't

    char s[8];
    work. My line of thinking is that they both initilize an array of a certain size and then put the string "abc" in it. What am I missing? Ill get a "parse error before ']' token" in the second code on line 2.

    The reason I would want the second alternative is lets say I have conditions with which I want to apply to s[]. Depending on the condition it will house a different string(none of which are longer than the array, including \0 of course), I would then want to print s[]. How would I get something like that to work?
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    You have to use strcpy() in C (or an equivalent function). In C, you can't just assign a string to a string variable. (edit: unless you are declaring it, and then that action happens at compile time, not runtime)
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    Because initializing only works where you declare things. Arrays cannot be assigned later.

    So look into strcpy, to set the string contents later.
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