Thread: using UML to plan C programs

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    using UML to plan C programs


    I am doing my first major project in C for an embedded platform, with many functions and files involved, and I want to use a similar process to UML used in Java programming, but I can't find any references as to how to acheive this - what diagrams to use etc, as they all seem to be geared towards object oriented program, which C is obviously not.

    Can anyone assist with any tools / techniques / tutorials which could help me out?

    BTW, I haven't used UML before, but I have a reasonable grasp on what some of the diagrams do.


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    A few months back, this very question was asked in the forums with some suggestions. A search through the forums should do the trick for ya.

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    wont you like need something called a flowchart Flowchartand you could use Pseudocode

    i use pseudo code alot and it helps very much .. Flowcharts will be if benefit to ..thou i havnt worke much on them ..there is an old IBM document writting in the 60's ..

    IBM FlowchartingTechniques-GC20-8152-1.pdf
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    I like to use dia to do the actual drawing of diagrams (UML or otherwise). And many of the UML features which apply to object-oriented programming apply to C as well: you still have data that is private, interfaces that are public, and dependencies between sections of your program. I can't suggest any reference in particular, but you should be able to take object-oriented ideas and adopt them to C. I guess it would help if you know an object-oriented language and so know what they're talking about.

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    I just suggest to read more and more object modeling and software engineering books until you the big picture what software design is.

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