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    Question passing arrays to functions


    I'm having trouble passing an array to a function. Arrays are passed "call by value" which means the array elements are not copied when I pass them.(Just a pointer being passed)

    As my called function changes the array for its purpose the original array from the calling function is being changed.

    Is there any way round this without copying the passed array in the called function to a temporary array (its rather large!)



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    One way or another, you'll end up copying the array - either you copy it, or you make the compiler copy it for you (not easy)

    Besides, it's not hard - its just a call to memcpy and you're done

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    You're passing a Pointer to a Memory location.
    The Subroutine/Funtion is changing the values in these Memory locations, so yes, the original Array is being changed.

    It depends on what you are trying to do as to what possible solutions there are. The most likely is that you will have to duplicate your Array.

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    Hi again,

    would a memcpy() operation involve using malloc or calloc (slow) to free up the memory?

    cheers again

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