Thread: Help needed with a HW

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    Help needed with a HW

    Hello, I got a question about a certain program. I got a picture of it instead of looking and typing from the cygwin program (since it doesn't let you copy and paste without going thru a hassle).

    The question of the program is "Write a program to process a collection of daily high temperatures. Your program should count and print the number of hot days (high temperature 85 or higher), the number of pleasant days (high temperature 60-84), and the number of cold days (high temperature less than 60). It should also display the category of each temperature. Test your program on the following data."


    It's not working out but the way I'm doing it is really not working. Is there a way to do this with just loops or something, and not arrays?


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    Yes, in that arrays are completely inappropriate for this problem. You need to count the number of hot days, the number of pleasant days, and the number of cold days.

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