Thread: Newbie needing simple help

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    Newbie needing simple help

    I am a hardware engineer teaching myself C from the K&R second edition bible to allow me to do some basic low level testing of my hw before handing it over to the sw guys.

    I have downloaded MinGW to use on my pc and have added MinGW\bin to my environment variables. i have created a few wee bits of code from chapter 1 that have ran fine from my windows command prompt but am having problems with EOF.

    the simple code i am running is:

    #include <stdio.h>
       int c;
       while ((c = getchar()) != EOF)
    I get the warning when i compile : no newline at end of file. as i am only putting in characters from the keyboard as oppose to a file, how do i get around this.

    Ex1_6 in the book asks me to verify that EOF = 0 or 1, however, entering this does not exit the program ( i also know that the value for EOF = -1 but entering this value does not exit the program either - is this an ANSCII thing)

    Its a simple beginner problem, but one i would like to get to the bottom of none the less.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    cheers in advance, gems

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    You hit enter at the end to make sure there's a blank line at the bottom of the file.

    On Windows, EOF is Ctrl-Z.

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    Nice one, thanks for that - ctrl Z worked a treat.

    cheers dear, gems

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