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    Extracting archive

    I know only basic file handling and was wondering if anyone would help me out with the following code :

    1. Extract an archive using C
    2. Extract an archive with password using C

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    Welcome to the forum!

    To get help, you need to show your work on the problem. Our help is rather limited to C, not decrypting an encoded archive or cracking a password.

    I'm not saying you're trying to do that, I'm just being up front about this.

    We help folks with C, all the time.

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    Well, i'm new to C and i know the basic file-handling functions like fopen, fprintf etc.
    I have implemented these functions only in text files and database programs using


    fprintf(fptr1,"Record No.\tName\t\tRoll No.\tAggregate Marks");

    ......... and so on

    i was wondering if a program could be written in C to extract an archive(Zip,RAR)

    And you've misunderstood me on the second count .. i meant that i would have the password and i would just be extracting a file using c instead of manually, so i think that eliminates the decrypting part.

    Simply put ... all i want to do is extract an archive of which i already have the password ...using C, assuming of course that the archive is in the same folder as the executable file after compilation
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    Oh yes, of course you can extract zip and rar files with C . In all likelihood, both were written in C in the first place.

    However, the easier way to do this, is to use a de-compression program that runs from the command line, and handles the format you want (whether zip or rar or both).

    Now your C program can just use the system command to call that program, let it do it's work, and then return to work, having just paused, while the de-compression program was working.

    Imagine I have a program called "unzip.exe", which was a command line program (no gui needed), and took two parameters:

    1) the name of the file, and
    2) the password needed, if any.

    Now my C code for it could look something like this:

    system("unzip filename password");

    filename doens't have to be a single filename, it can change, and so can the password, by changing the above command slightly:

    system("QuestSolver.exe < "filename) //note the string quotes ending before filename

    In this case, I was calling another program called Questsolver.exe and giving it the file I had #defined earlier, which was in another drive and directory.

    I believe you can call send any filename like this, using a char array for filename, but haven't tried it yet.

    Where it gets sticky is when the program has to run from a GUI, and you have to click on certain icons, or check certain boxes - all that mouse and keyboard interaction is what you want to avoid.

    I'd put off coding up the actual de-compression program yourself, until you have quite a bit of experience with C programming and of course, have a good understanding of the algorithm that should be used.

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    Thanx a ton dude....
    I got hold of this freeware called 'UNRAR' and as you advised, I used the system's command prompt to extract the files and it works like a charm.
    Thnx again ... this forum rox... i'm here to stay!!!

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