Thread: How do i write a program that does this?

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    How do i write a program that does this?

    hi. i have this program i came across but i do not know how to do it. can someone help?


    Consider an n-bit binary number in the following form:
    Each bi is a single bit in the n-bit binary number. Each bi has one of two possible values: 0 or 1. An example of a 6-bit binary number is: 110011. Inside the computer, integers are represented as binary numbers. For example, the integer 43 can be represented by the 6-bit binary number: 101011. In this part, we will make use of an m-bit binary pattern that is constructed by taking the first m-bits of the repeating sequence 101010. For example, for m equal to 3, the binary pattern is: 101. For m equal to 6, the binary pattern is: 101010. For m equal to 1, the binary pattern is: 1.
    Write a C program that reads integers n and m as input, and then prints out all n-bit binary numbers that contain the m-bit pattern. The binary numbers must be printed in ascending order. You are not allow to use strings, arrays or recursion for this question. Your program may assume that n will be a natural number less than or equal to 30, and that m will be a natural number less than or equal to n.

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    Rondel, check out our homework policy, please.

    Basically, you need to show work on this assignment, and ask specific questions or post specific problems you're having.

    We're not a "homework center", kind of forum. Post up your work, and ask your questions.

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