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    Unhappy open audio files

    Q. How can I open audio files from the program?

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    The fopen() command does that, e.g.:

    FILE *fp;
    fp = fopen("myFilename", "rb");
    //opens the file myFilename, for reading, in binary mode (instead of text), returning the file's address to the FILE pointer, fp.
    if(fp == NULL) { //there was an error, the file didn't open
      printf("\n File open error (myFilename)\n");
       exit(1);      // quit the program
    //rest of your code.

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    Check out for some file format specifications, and say hello to endianness...for instance, .au file data is stored as big-endian, whereas .wav file data is little-endian.

    If you're wanting to play the file, you should search for FMOD, BASS, audiere, OpenAL, some library that plays and manipulates sound files.

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