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    Quote Originally Posted by brewbuck View Post
    Why do you list "gcc version 4.3.3" as a dependency? Are you trying to say that your code is non-portable?

    Why do you list the specific header files as dependencies? Is the fact that the source module includes these files not enough evidence? Anybody who updates your source module to include some new header has to make the update in two places -- the actual #include list, and the comment header at the front.

    The sense I get as an imaginary interviewer, is that you're trying too hard.
    Thanks a lot for the feedback! I agree, it does make the impression, doesn't it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by quzah View Post
    You were worried about the cache with the looping involved.I was only suggesting using a single array in case it would help with that.
    And that's appreciated! Would you suggest using a 1-D only? If so, what exactly are the benefits? I guess you wouldn't have 2 redirections as for the 2-D, but other than that, I dont know of any other benefit.

    You mention this is for embedded programming. Is the speed you get by using pthreads worth the additional overhead required to use multiple threads instead of just one?

    I was thinking about that too... execution time wise it's definitely worth it. as for the resource overhead, I guess that really matters on the type of embedded hw. I do have to admit that I'm not exactly clear on the exact resource overhead. the company produces medical devices, though, so I assume that response time is likely to be critical.


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