Thread: open source code compile problems - modbus stack

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    open source code compile problems - modbus stack

    I am using open source code for a modbus stack and when i compile it can't doesn't find the function discriptions. Header = mb.h and in the include directory theres a mb.c that has the function code. I included the header and when i call a function it recognizes theres a prototype but is says theres no discription. What am I doing wrong? Else where I read i need to create an object file for mb.c code, how do i do that? Also i am using free modbus stack, any other recomendations of free modbus stack code I may look into using?


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    i have no clue what modbus is, but for the error youre getting, should you be linking to the library also? for example, if i wrote a program to use "math.h" it isnt enough to simply include the header, i would also have to link to the library.

    rather than describing your problem yourself, it would be better if you gave code examples of all header files youre using, the exact command and arguments your using to compile and link the code, and the exact compiler output. for example, i will bet money that the compiler isnt saying exactly "is says theres no discription", as you described.

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    Modbus is a protocol for PLC communication. You might consider using libmodbus | Journal - SRA.

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